Saturday, December 13, 2014


My brother-in-law was unable to comply with the second of two requests I had for him yesterday when he came home.

In his defense, my plea to him was along the lines of: Can you come help me and not make fun of me/

Also in his defense, when he came in, my chair was in the bathroom, my shower chair was out in the room, and I was on the floor in the middle of the room.

Let me explain.

When I work from home, I use my phone to play music. That means I often go to the bathroom without my phone. Stupid? Yes. Yesterday I found out how stupid.

About 1:20, I went to the bathroom. I slipped getting back in my chair, so I was homeless, phoneless and on the floor of the bathroom.


The slip was caused because my foot got caught under my char, so first things first, I moved my chair.  then, calling on my Herculean upper-body strength, I managed to stand up and sit on the toilet.

I needed to move my chair back so I could transfer to it. I did, but it nicked my foot in such a way that I slid off it again.


I knew I didn't have it in me to pull myself up again, so I decided to get my phone.

To do that, I proposed to slide on my back over to my desk and somehow pull down my phone. I hadn't figured out how yet, but ...

To get out I needed to push my shower chair out of the way, so out it went. Then I started sliding.

Shortly after my brother-in-law got home.

I was back in my chair by 1:45.

I have already ordered a new mp3 player.  

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