Monday, January 26, 2015

Krup you! *

No doubt after reading the last few posts ... oh, who am I kidding ... No doubt after reading more than one post, you're thinking, "he needs an analyst's care."

I agree. It's hard to find a good one, though.

The one I saw a few months back was not good, at least not for me.

I knew that two minutes into our first meeting. I went back once -- I'd like to say it was because I wanted to give it try. Really, I just didn't want to say no when she asked, Do you want to come back?

The second appointment convinced me. She was encouraging me to do things online -- gaming, a book group -- that I have little interest in.

But I knew right away. Her first question to me was: Why are you here? Reasonable. I told her I was OK but want to be better than that. She seemed a bit confused by that request and started telling me that everyone has highs and lows and that OK is good.

Not for me.

* If confused

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