Thursday, January 22, 2015

More abnormality

I took my power chair in for service last week. I left it there Wednesday night and they brought it at back late Friday. I had six issues. Any guesses how many were successfully resolved?

Here are the problems that needed fixing:

  • The controller arm was twisted,
  • There was a screw I am holding in with duct tape,
  • The joystick knob needs to be put on securely,
  • A fender needed to be reattached,
  • A footrest needed straightening,
  • The foam armrest needed replacing.
How things are today:
  • The controller arm did get straightened. It also get raised so it no longer fits under the sink at work. With the joystick knob reattached, it no longer fit under the sink at home, but that's OK because the knob popped off within an hour.
  • The duct tape is still there, so I suspect the screw wasn't fixed.
  • The fender was reattached.
  • I need a new footrest, but they straightened it while they order one. Of course, it is almost unmovable now.
  • The armrest was replaced.
  • They also noticed the back was misaligned and straightened it.
I like the people at this chair shop. Their service is poor. I think about leaving, but no one is particularly good. So I stick with them.


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