Wednesday, February 4, 2015

I think he's wrong

I don't like laser eye surgery. The idea of someone cutting my eyeballs gives me shivers. 

Ned Flanders is also a concern. In a Simpsons episode Bart sees the future. Ned is blind and explains: "I never should have had that trendy laser surgery. It was great at first but, you know, at the ten-year mark, your eyes fall out."

But at my next eye appointment, I am going to ask the optometrist if I am a candidate. I am so sick of glasses.

I woke up last night and put on my glasses. It took me a while to figure out that a stupid lens  had fallen out.

I went back to sleep but decided I better call my sister for help in the morning, rather than try to get  up without seeing well.

 She got me my old glasses, then when I was getting dressed, I knocked them off. 


I long to wake up and actually be able too see just by opening my eyes.

Glasses always get dirty and bent because I face-plant a fair bit.

I doubt I will be eligible for the surgery. My brother with FA wasn't. And my pupils tend to jump around so that may make cutting a bad thing. Too much whoops potential.

It is one thing for me to deal with my glasses, but when they become an issue for others, I have to act.

I just hope Ned was wrong.

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