Sunday, March 15, 2015

Comfy, cozy

Shortly after Christmas, I bought myself a treat: a new recliner.

It is one of those recliners that raise and lower at the touch of a button. It also has heat and massage controls. But only because all the auto recliners at the store did.

It is pretty cool, big but cool.

Last week, I got the perfect accessory: the afghan Gram made me in 1976.

I had it until a few years ago when I ran over it with my chair and ripped it. I gave it to my older sister to fix, and I got it back.

It looks a bit small for me now, but it was perfect for 5-year-old Matty. And it is perfect still because I  don't need a huge wrap, just a small one that reminds me of my awesome family.

Plus, it has big enough holes in it that I can use the remote while keeping my hands warm under the afghan.


Anonymous said...

Looks good, boyo. I'd like to clarify that the holes are design features not that it was badly repaired by your awesome big sister.

Anonymous said...

oh no, Tony will want a big recliner.....

Matt Trott said...

Bur of course

Patrick said...

Shame you couldn't get a recliner without those heat and massage controls. I bet those are the worst.

Anonymous said...

Very nice, Matt!

Matt Trott said...

My cross to bear.

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