Thursday, March 12, 2015

Dreaming of minority vllains

My sister mocked me a few weeks ago during The Walking Dead when I said Aaron had to be a good guy because he was gay. I have no doubt that gay people can be villains; however, I don't see a TV show introducing a minority character and then making him bad.

It wasn't exactly the same, but that's why I  was so surprised to see an old Criminal Minds (my late-night guilty pleasure) where the serial killer is a wheelchair user.

It wasn't perfect. He wasn't a real serial killer -- sure, he did run people over in his truck, but he was more disturbed than evil. Worse, the BAU team didn't get to blast him full of holes. He drove his truck off a cliff. And his dead wife -- the reason he killed -- was sitting next to him as he went off the cliff (in his mind, not for real).

It was a start, though. I can only hope for a gay, Hispanic paraplegic as the next Bond nemesis.

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