Sunday, March 1, 2015

New dog

I had a good phone interview to get a successor to Claren on Friday.

The interviewer said there were no problems, and we talked about what type of dog I wanted. I said outgoing. She suggested affectionate.

When we started talking about commands, that was when I got excited. I said I mainly wanted a dog who'd carry and retrieve things. No problem.

Then I said I wanted a dog more into speaking on command. She then suggested a dog that could be trained to get someone when I fell, and the fall would be the trigger. Awesome!

I was starting to think how fun working with a new dog would be.

And my plan to wait until Claren isn't around works, too, because  they have a backlog of graduates who need new dogs.

Of course, getting excited made me feel sad about Claren, who had trouble walking up the icy ramp tonight.


Anonymous said...

her cousin slid down the stairs this morning and then I fell on the ice, so no inferences about age and ice-walking ability please. One of the Apple geniuses had a service dog when I was in the Apple store yesterday. It's good to be excited.
I love you.

Matt Trott said...

that's pretty neat, about the genius not about how you and Tully are old. HA

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