Thursday, April 23, 2015

What a waste

I did not expect to be typing this on my on laptop, but here I am.

A friend and I were chatting at lunch about our older Macs. He said he ordered s memory upgrade and would let me know how it worked. The next week he said it installed easy and worked well, so I ordered some myself.

It does seem to be working well, but easy installation? Nope.

I asked Mom to help me with it last  night. The first step -- remove battery -- almost stopped us. The pull tab on the battery came off without the battery coming out.

My little sister came out and began helping. We got the battery out, but one of the screws would not come out. After an hour, we gave up.

I was so frustrated -- not that the laptop was out of commission or that the upgrade did not get done -- but because I had wasted an hour of my sister's and Mom's time.

I hate burdening others.

A Geek came by and installed the memory in 15 minutes.


Anonymous said...

Mom did not describe the time as a waste. She thought she was pretty cool for even trying.

Matt Trott said...

I was talking about our sister. Mom volunteered.

Anonymous said...

Our sister didn't even mention it!

Matt Trott said...

She was probably so loopy from being tired that she forgot

Ally @ NCSU said...

One of those things that happens to everybody, but just feels extra frustrating when you just want SOMETHING to be easy!

Matt Trott said...


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