Saturday, May 30, 2015


My little fist costume is lame next to these guys.
Once again, Awesome Con did not disappoint. John and I only stayed for a few hours, but I could have stayed for hours just watching people. I am also curious about the results of the panel: What superhero would make the best president? So maybe next year I spend the day there.

I only sort of dressed up.

Steven Hawking appears in a Simpsons episode with a souped up wheelchair,  complete with boxing glove. So I got a boxing glove, which Kenny is still afraid of because my niece taunts him with it. The pimped chair has rocket motors on the outside of the wheels. I didn't want them because it is hard enough to go through crowds with a chair. I didn't want to make it worse. Same thing with the helicopter.

But I got to see my nephew from Boston and had a blast.


Anonymous said...

great photo

Matt Trott said...

your husband's was awesome, too

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