Wednesday, May 13, 2015


I have sleep apnea and have to go back for another overnight study.

This diagnosis is not really a surprise. I snore violently. I am always tired. And my body has proved remarkably good at failing in the most basic things, walking, hearing, peeing -- why should breathing be different?

I am not ignorant that if they treat this successfully and if it makes me less tired, I would regain two hours of my life that I now each day.

But, when you are dealing with my body, those are big ifs. Mostly, I find this insanely defeating. Yet another part of my body crumbles.


Anonymous said...

So Matt. I am sorry you have one more thing to handle. But I am firmly in the camp of when this is handled, you will feel better.

Anonymous said...

What she said.
I love you.

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