Thursday, June 4, 2015

Back to mouthpieces

I need a shave.
I am trying to decide if I should start wearing my new dental appliance tonight.

I got it yesterday from the sleep people as a mask alternative. It starts in the neutral position, but then you ratchet your lower jaw forward. It is supposed to open your airway when you sleep, so no more sleep apnea.

I remember how sore my mouth would be after I turned the expanders I had. I wonder if this will be as bad.

You wear the device at night, then pop in the "AM Aligner" when you get up to put your lower jaw back where it should be.

It sounds like I am asking for mouth pain.

I am also leery of messing with the shape and alignment of my teeth. Years in braces, expanders, bionators and retainers paid off, and gave me good teeth. If this screws that up ...

Oh well, got to try.


Ally @ NCSU said...

Is it working? I know the feeling of not wanting to mess up your teeth after putting so much work into them!! -Ally

Matt Trott said...

I put it asidr for the moment.

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