Monday, June 22, 2015

Thor is a god

The following could be considered a spoiler if:

  1. You read comics and care about the identity of the female Thor,
  2. but you are almost two months behind in your reading, so you haven't read the Thor issue with the reveal;
  3. you also managed to avoid the stories about the reveal not only on the usual websites but also in the New York Times and other newspapers.
If this is you, consider yourself warned.

The first comic book that I remember as mine (my brother will no doubt remember differently) is an issue of Thor when Loki brings a human news crew to Asgard to film Ragnorak.

I haven't really followed Thor much since then, so I never found out Loki's plan or how Thor overcame it. But I guess he did. He's still around after all.

Except he is no longer Thor. Apparently he was no longer worthy.

And the person who is Thor is a woman.

You found out last issue, which I randomly picked up, that she is Jane, Thor's onetime girlfriend and current cancer patient. And what she says about being Thor reminded me of why I said I was a Good Friday Catholic.

If you click on the page it gets bigger, but Jane says is: "We  need a god who understands what it's like to be humbled. To be mortal. A god who knows how precious life is. How delicate. a god who struggles every day to live a worthy life. Who suffers so that no one else will have to. A god who loves the earth enough to die for it."

Big-G God does all that, too, but people still hate, hurt, kill, get sick ...

Maybe I need to worship Thor.

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