Saturday, October 10, 2015

My sister is so smart

This morning I coughed a bit during my morning Metamucil drink. This actually is a bit of a surprise.

The day after the towel day debacle, my sister asked me if a straw would help me drink the Metamucil. I said it would because I could keep my head bowed when drinking, which minimizes the chance of liquid going down the air pipe.

I started using a straw and viola! No coughing (To explain today, I was trying to read).

This wonderful solution has one takeaway: When it is brought up that I am not coughing, my sister goes into her touchdown dance and a little song that depending on whether her children are present goes "Ooo, ooo, I'm/Mommy's so smart. Ooo, ooo ..."

Probably, this is the wrong time to mock my sister. Just yesterday I was showering and lost my balance and fell over in my shower chair at the waist. I was using both hands to keep the chair from tipping over, so I wasn't sure how I'd get up. But then she was there to help me recover. Of course, she also called me a pain in the ass for picking up my washcloth and not letting her get it.

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