Sunday, November 1, 2015

How long?

Probably it is the fault of the time change, but I am grieving.

I woke up early, thought of my so-called life (not the TV show, though Claire Danes is awesome) and started crying for my life that never was.

I have had the genetic failure of Friedreich's ataxia all my life. I have known consciously that there was something wrong with me for 25 years and probably longer subconsciously.

When a high-school senior is asked if he is disabled by an interviewer for Duke University simply because the senior does not play sports, even a self-confident senior might be shaken. If that senior is me, lord knows what damage it inflicted. Man, if that was now, what a lawsuit we'd have.

Anyway, this is not new.

Wouldn't I be better off accepting things and not mourning?

I need a dog.


Anonymous said...

yes to the dog for sure.

Matt Trott said...


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