Monday, December 21, 2015

Help times two

I was staring out the window today considering how I felt about sending two co-workers off in search of printer paper.

Actually, I didn't send them. I just asked one to help me add paper to the printer, and when we couldn't find any, the second person joined in.

After my consideration, I decided that I was OK with it and that maybe it was even a little funny.

I found it less funny when I needed help in the bathroom.

It wasn't a bad fall. I just couldn't get up on my own and was really mad.

Turns out I couldn't get up when someone help me either. My foot was trapped under my chair.

Another helper was enlisted, actually one of the printer paper people, and they helped me up.

I love that I work with people who'll help me, but hate I have to ask them to.


Anonymous said...

Grace, Matt. It's your turn to be grace.

Matt Trott said...

it is always my turn. SIGH

Anonymous said...

Ha, me too. But you are good at it!

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