Tuesday, December 1, 2015

I'm getting a dog

I have been thinking that my recent posts have been a little depressing and not full of  the pratfalls and zaniness that make a disability something everyone wants.

Then today happened.

First, I got a voicemail that I couldn't really understand, but I thought I heard "dog" and "February."

I checked my email, and sure enough I got invited to get a successor service dog in February. YAY!

Drunk on that news, I went to the bathroom and fell getting back in my chair. I called for help and a couple of guys helped me back in my chair but not before I got a huge scrape on my inner thigh.

I returned to my desk where my chair just stopped working. Dead, for no reason. Just jiggling wire brought it back to life. Wonderful.

But I'm getting a dog!


Anonymous said...

i shall focus on the dog.

Matt Trott said...

me too

Laura York said...

Excellent news, Matt! Wish you the best! (I'm a fellow CCI graduate).

Matt Trott said...

Thanks, Laura. It'll be awesome

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