Friday, December 25, 2015

Not so courageous

The big story in The Washington Post today was titled "The courage to persevere":
It’s scary out there. Americans worry that the government can’t stop terrorists where we live. Security checkpoints multiply at workplaces, and in theaters and stadiums and other places where we go to relax. Schools close over hoaxes that used to be ignored. Some days, the world seems consumed by conflict.
People in authority say the right response is to carry on, live your life. That takes a certain courage, which can be a tough thing to summon when you’re on edge. But all around us, people show their courage in the quietest of ways.
This Christmas, we profile four people who fell into life’s traps — they were desperate for money, hungry for freedom, smothered by grief, trapped by disease. And then, somehow, they found their strength. They summoned their courage.
At first I thought, I hope they talk to someone in a chair. Then I decided my life is not ruled by courage as much as necessity.

I didn't go to the bathroom at church last night to be brave, but because I had to go. Ditto for why I went in the wheelchair stall, which had no overhead light.

What was my option when I tried to stand up and realized the tile was as slick as any I have encountered? I didn't get to my chair as best as I was able because I was courageous. I got to my chair because otherwise I might still be there. (Well, not really, my nephew was dutifully watching over me from outside the stall.)

How courageous is it to say that I would sell my soul to be whole?

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