Monday, January 4, 2016

Turning over a new leaf reveals same old crap

I fell in the bathroom at work today.

Neither of my two emergency responders answered. Neither did a female friend I was going to ask to round me up some help.

I was about to call some other folks when I heard someone and asked a complete stranger for help.

He got me up, then said he was going to stick around to make sure I was OK.

Good thing, because I could not stand up to pull my pants up. My feet slipped, my legs locked, my arms weren't able to sit me up properly whatever.

Finally, he asked if I needed anything. I said sure. He helped me pull up my pants, buttoned my pants, then pulled me into proper sitting position.

At this point, one of my first responders came in. He missed a call and wanted to see if it was me.

Yes, this guy is awesome, and yes, needing a stranger to button my pants makes me wants to barf.

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