Friday, February 5, 2016

Matt and Mom go to the dogs -- Part V

I am blogging with a dog at my side! Today was the first night we get to take the dogs home. It's awesome. It even makes up for all the snow we got.

Class was delayed a bit and only two instructors made it in. They also canceled our first field trip.

But, it being the north, the street seemed pretty clear by the late afternoon, and it was really sunny, too, so things look OK for a trip to Lowe's tomorrow afternoon. Then we get a day off!

The new dog seems awesome, definitely a licker -- not in Kenny's league but ...

We worked on the Get command a fair bit, which is one I'll use a lot.

I realized I need to start looking over my nightly quizzes before I turn them in. The command to bark is speak, which I know. But the instructor who worked with my dog a lot said that after I give the command, I should woof at her. On my quiz, I wrote the command to bark is woof.


Anonymous said...

Yay for a dog....sorry about your A+ average.

Anonymous said...

yippee! enjoy Lowes!

Matt Trott said...

It's only an A now. Ugggg.

Yes YAY and Yippee

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