Monday, February 8, 2016

Matt and Mom go to the dogs -- Part VIII

Today was cool despite another snowstorm that canceled today's field trip.

These are the dogs we will take home, barring something unforeseen.

I learned that graduation is going to be like a wrestling entrance. (Or a reliever's walkup, but I thought of wrestling first.) No, I don't get to stand at the top of an entrance ramp preening and posing, but I do get a entrance song. And I get to pick it!

It is supposed to be a tune that relates to the new dog and I, which rules out 75% of Springsteen's catalog. I mean, Lost in the Flood doesn't fit. Independence Day is too sad. I finally settled on My Love Will Not Let You Down or Better Days.

I also had my first 1-on-1 conference, and the trainer said they are pleased with our progress. In particular, she mentioned my inclination to motivate not correct, pointing out that the dog might not always understand me yet. I  know you're shocked -- I speak so clearly. HA


Anonymous said...

Now I'm even more excited to watch the graduation! Better Days is a great choice.

Patrick said...

Good choices!

Anonymous said...

I am now afraid to watch because that song always makes me cry. and i will be at work. bad place to cry!

Matt Trott said...

OK, it is not an entrance tune. They will play it when the puppy raiser hands me the leash.

But thanks for the votes of approval, and there are tons of sad Springsteen songs. That one makes you cry?

Anonymous said...

tears of hope

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