Saturday, February 20, 2016

Professor X never had a week like this

Mom and I got home Saturday, and Fame and Kenny got acquainted. Fame was fine -- she has been with other dogs her whole; K-man was unsure. He seemed to want to play but was scared of Fame. Our backyard is divided by the ramp, and the two dogs spent most of the first week on opposite sides. Fame had a long leash, so by necessity stayed on one side. Kenny, with his electric collar, chose the other side, except for his speedy forays onto Fame's side.

So that is how I spent Sunday and Monday, the holiday.

On Tuesday, I went to the doctor to have my stitches removed and to see if I had a concussion from my fall. Oddly, the PA said my dizziness, which began right after the fall,  was unrelated to the fall and came from my low blood pressure. My sister, who took me because school was closed, and I were skeptical, but he stuck to his guns. I think part of it was I described my issue as lightheadedness, which apparently is different from dizziness. So we left and were to check in Friday.

The rest of the day was OK, but as I was getting into my recliner to watch the Flash, I slipped. I was fine, but didn't want Mom and Dad to struggle to get me up. So I watched from the floor, a bit of an issue as my dizziness comes from moving my head, but I survived.

My sister came home and enlisted her 12-year-old daughter to slide a stool under my butt when she lifted me up. And from the stool to my chair. That, of course, makes it sound easy, like I didn't almost fall off the stool, choke my niece, etc. After it was over, my niece said she doubted this happened to Prof. X. He does have Colossus, I pointed out. But again, I survived.

Wednesday was OK, though I began to use my backup cushion, which is OK but (foreshadowing) really slick.

Thursday went fine until I rolled off our sidewalk into the mud. Our sidewalk and yard have sunk a bit, so the metal plate dividing them sticks up and prevents me from getting back.   My sister had to find a board for me to roll on so I'd have traction, then  Mom anD my sister had to Clean off my muddy wheels.

Friday was bad.

I was transferring back to my chair from the toilet and slid right off because of the slick cushion. I managed to stand but slid off again. I got Fame to bark a few times but no one was around. I called Mom, but she was at church. Then I called my brother-in-law, who was at the bus stop with my nephew. He came home and  helped me up.

I didn't fall because of my head, but Mom and I decided I should go back to the PA because what little balance I had is so important.

This time he said I had a concussion right off the bat. So he said I could not work for a week and I needed to limit my computing, TV watching, and reading.

That brings us to today. It was a nice day and all I could do was play with my dog.

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