Saturday, March 5, 2016

How rotten is rotten

On Tuesday, my first day back in the office since January, Mom picked me up and asked how my day was.

Not great, I told her. Fame was cool, and everyone was glad to meet her and see me. But the day started with me throwing up a little in my mouth.

Sort of.

I was bending over, and some stomach juice came up. I am not close to a bathroom so I found a bag to spit into, then went to the bathroom to rinse my mouth out. Not real easy from a chair.

I never felt 100%, and I had an issue that meant I needed to change. Plus, while Fame was cool, she did drop my lunchbag multiple times on the way out.

Mom listen to it all and then said, that's not so bad.

The sad thing is she's right. By my pathetic standards, it was a normal day. How I long fora the day when a semi-rotten day really sucks.

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