Thursday, May 19, 2016

The deuce, you say?

It finally happened. Despite all the signs saying the wheelchair stall was for people with disabilities, I came in yesterday afternoon to find someone not-at-all-disabled in there.

Why? The other stalls weren't filled. The perpetrator wasn't even that big. What kind of person does that?

"A [sounds like deuce]," a friend said. She then provided further evidence that she is really my "work sister" by demanding the deuce's name. I honestly don't know his name, so then she started grilling me on his looks. We didn't get too far there either.

I stayed in the bathroom till he came out, and it  wasn't anyone I'd seen using the stall before.

"Sorry about that," he said, but I suspect he meant was "Sorry I got caught."

I am sure he didn't notice that I didn't acknowledge his apology. I needed to go the bathroom.


Anonymous said...

I was fired up! That guy! I want to go give him a piece of my mind and shake my fist at him. I MUST know who it is.

Matt Trott said...

just FYI: I am a little scared of you now. Again, just like i am of my sisters.

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