Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The mean streets of Falls Church

My wheelchair broke Sunday night. One of front wheels broke apart and I was running on a rim.

It would be fair to blame my PoS  wheelchair. But Falls Church deserves an equal share of the blame.

My neighborhood is less than a mile in diameter. In the past 10 years, eight brand new houses have been built. It has seen at least five teardown-and-rebuild-bigger projects and two houses with significant additions. There have also been 18 one-to-two projects in which one normal house is torn down and two thin houses are built.

Despite all the heavy machinery needed and despite the many times the roads have been torn ip for utilities, the city  has never adequately repaired the roads. Instead, it just patches the holes.

To ride on the roads in a wheelchair  is a bumpy experience at best. Sunday, I hit a divot that I thought at the time just redirected my chair from where I wanted to go. I am certain now that it broke the wheel.

I am no  taxman, but I would think all that new construction would be worth a new road. Apparently not.


Anonymous said...

They need bike lanes!

Matt Trott said...

they can't even repair the lanes they do have

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