Sunday, June 26, 2016

Can you hear me now? Nope

I thought lack of hearing is supposed to be depressing, not hearing aids, but I am really struggling with the hearing aids.

I went back last week because there was no change in my hearing. They replaced the domes that carry the sound into my ears. Originally, they were open, which they hypothesized was letting the sound leech out.

Things are clearer now, and the key word is things, like the creaks of my chair. People are no better. They might be louder, but I can't understand them.

This is the nature of my hearing loss. I can hear, but my brain can’t translate them.

I asked the doctor up front if these hearing aids helped with this type of hearing loss. She breezily said they do.

Now I am not sure.


Patrick said...

It's amazing to me that audio tech hasn't evolved/productized for hearing aids faster than it is has. Such a huge market! Been watching stuff like Here and waiting and waiting...

Matt Trott said...

yeah. the ones I first looked at had some awesome stuff -- bluetooth link to phone, TV and stereo, the ability to tell when one side has more obstacles to hearing -- but they were like 7000 and 9000 dollars, out of pocket.. Crazy

Daiva said...

Aw Matt, I just got back to your blog after weeks of not checking. Missed hearing your take on life.
I want to tell you that I totally agree about hearing aids. Louder is not the answer. It is impossible to understand some people no matter how loud they talk.
Don't you just want to shake some, and say, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, ENUNCIATE!!!? I do. want to, that is. I don't DO IT FOR FEAR OF LOSING LL MY FRIENDS.

Even Jim cannot get it through his skull that whe I ask him to repeat, he should give me some context or say it a different way, don't just raise your voice and yell the same unintelligible syllables at me!
And, I don't process as quickly as i used to either. grrr. I share your frustrations.

Matt Trott said...


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