Saturday, August 13, 2016

Why get up?

Ever had one of those days when the fates clearly don't think you should have gotten out of bed in the morning?

I like to call those days, well, utterly normal. I rarely have a day that my body isn't sure would be improved by sleeping in.

Specifically, though, Wednesday was one of those days.

I was in bed Tuesday night watching Dr. Who when an old mosquito bite on my left ankle started bothering me.

I tried cortisone first. That didn't work, and the itchiness started causing my leg to jump.

Then I took Advil. No luck, its either the itchiness or the jumpy leg.

Then I tried Olympics highlights. Nothing. The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Still nothing.
At 12:45, I called my sister and asked her to bring me a wet washcloth. I used it to wipe off the layer of cortisone, then just draped it over my ankle. That worked. I fell asleep just after 1.
The next jab by the Fates came through Fame. She is not a “hurrier.” I had to take her for walks at training to persuade her to go to the bathroom. At home, during the week, Dad takes her out. This morning, she decided not to be excused. Not a big deal, except I knew she had to go and I didn't really want a poop time bomb under my desk at work.
We went for a short walk when we got to work, and she pooped fine. All was good until a piece fell out of the bag and onto my wheelchair arm. I picked it off OK but had to go into the office to clean it off, so I had to wheel back with my arm in an odd place.

The rest of the morning was normal — busy but OK.
The Fates seemed to have relented … until I went to the bathroom right before lunch.

With the lights on, I went into the stall. I parked, undid my seatbelt and the lights went out. I didn't fall but could not redo my seatbelt because it was too dark to see. I made it out of the stall, redid my belt and then someone came in and flipped a switch to turn on the lights. I don't know for sure, but that seems to suggest that someone popped in and turned the lights off on me. ??

The next time I went to the bathroom, I undid my belt and leaned forward to grab the grab-bar.

I missed.
For some reason, I did not fall. I was just bent over at the waist, holding on.

I managed to put my head on the toilet paper holder, which freed up one hand, which I then used to sit up.
Why did I get up?

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