Monday, October 17, 2016

A tale of two doggies

 I am afraid that Claren will come across as a jerk in this post, so let me say, she is the best dog ever. fame, of course, is also the best dog ever. I am sure any who has had dogs knows what I mean.

We had a fire drill Thursday. Fame was not a fan.

I think she knew something was up when she saw five people around me, four of whom were transferring me to the Evac Chair, which lets my co-workers take me down the stairs, and one who I had asked to take Fame out because the Evac Chair is too cumbersome for Fame to come with me. This  is a good friend who likes Fame.

At my old job, I just stayed in the stairwell, so I had a friend take Claren out. She was like, whatever. And I remember hearing something about her playing or wanting to play with some guys who were tossing around a football. In short, Claren liked fire drills.

Fame does not.

She really did not want to go with my friend. When I finally got outside, several people told me how she  was shaking without me. When it was time to go back in, she practically leaped into my lap to keep me from disappearing.

I feel bad for Fame, my friend who had to deal with her, pretty much everyone involved.


Anonymous said...

Well, clearly, she loves you!

Anonymous said...

Dude - she was a joy. She wasn't a pain - she was doing her job, and she cares a lot about you - pretty awesome to see. :)

Matt Trott said...

She does boost my ego

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