Thursday, October 13, 2016

Cheating death again

Mom was visiting my sister-in-law in the hospital last night. I'm kind of surprised she didn't run into me in the ER when she was leaving. To be honest, I'm surprised she didn't have to go to the morgue to pay her last respects to her #1 son.

I fell last night, and don't know how I did not get a concussion, snap my neck or kill myself. I didn't, but don't get how come.

I was transferring from the toilet to my chair and made it OK.

Then I leaned back. My chair has two wings on it, so it looks like a U, and my back rests in the bottom of the U. Last night, I did not lean back evenly. One of the wings hit my back and I slid outside the U and over the arm.

I flailed around and managed to catch the superpole, so I was briefly OK, but then my hold gave out and I fell on the top of my head. The rest of my body quickly followed, putting too much pressure on my neck. I quickly pushed my  head out from under my body and just lay there. I was tempted to lie there forever, bur then Fame dropped her stuffed Chewbacca on me and started licking my face, so I called my brother-in-law for help.

This morning, sore and tired, I said to myself, "I suppose I'm not dead, so I better go to work." and so I did.

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