Tuesday, October 25, 2016

New chair

Taller than my niece and nephew again thanks
to the seat elevator, which is helpful at my
work desk and during transfers.
Most of my free time the past week has been dealing with A NEW CAR. No, no, a new chair.

It is pretty nice, but there have been a few issues. Fortunately my physical therapist has been there to help me with them.

Two remain.

The worst one is that the reverse speed is double the forward speed and reverse acceleration is much quicker.
This caused several sticky situations in the first few days.

The cantilever arms are also an issue. They cause the arms to stick out too much, meaning it is quite hard to get through doorways that require an immediate turn afterward.

But it feels good, allows me more freedom and gives Fame a new place to sleep.

The old chair had leg rests that I took off at night and put on my recliner. The new chair has a footplate, and Fame has decided she likes the recliner.


Anonymous said...

If you are as tall as K, you are super tall!

Patrick said...

Congrats! The reverse situation sounds wild.

Anonymous said...

Matty, I think there's a margin of error in this photo that could go her way...
see you tomorrow!!

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