Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Fallen again

OK, instead of an old lady in the shower; think of Matty in bed.

Last night, I put my Uggs right by the bed, but apparently I misjudged.

I went to grab them this morning, and I felt myself roll out of bed. Well, the top part of me anyway. My legs got all tangled up with my chair and stayed on the bed.

The problem was I was using my arms to hold my top part up, so I couldn't access Siri on my watch. I actually got Fame to bark -- I think she knows when I am in trouble. But that didn't wake anyone. Not  real surprising because we have soundproofing.

I just kept squirming and eventually supported my top with my head, activated Siri and called my sister, who of course helped me up.

I think the old lady's gadget may be a better answer.

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