Thursday, May 11, 2017

The real Captain Awesome

I try to bitter, but some days it is so dang hard.

The other day I got to work and pushed the button for the elevator. The door opened, and inside was a woman I see frequently in the mornings. She is not a co-worker; she just shares our building.

We don't know each other, except what floors the other works on. She is that woman to me. To her, I am something similar, or maybe Captain Awesome.

The elevator started to close before I reached it, so she rushed off the back wall and held it open.

Then she said, 2, right? Two is my floor. She is 5.

She knew I needed to unlock the 2 button with my ID, so I said I'll jut ride up with you and lowered my head as I struggled to get my badge out of the holder.

When I looked up at 5, she was waiting with her hand out of my ID. I handed it to her, she unlocked and pushed 2, wished me a good day and got off the elevator.


Anonymous said...

People, right? So unpredictable and sometimes so good.

Matt Trott said...

And then there was the guy who almost ran into me in his rush to get through an automatic door

Anonymous said...

See, unpredictable but not universally terrible.

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