Tuesday, May 16, 2017

What a half-day it was

My sister, I am sure, would say it is my own fault for going to work on a day I telework. It is just after four hours of not being able to connect, I had things to do.


Shortly after I got in, I went to the bathroom. I knocked my water bottle onto the floor. Luckily. it missed the toilet but it rolled around under the toilet. Gross. I'm not drinking out of that, I thought, but I'll just drink my juice then use that bottle for water. (Hint: It doesn't work.)

Next time I went to the bathroom, I removed my lanyard carefully because I know my hearing aids can easily get stuck in it. Not careful enough, apparently.

My right hearing aid came out from behind my ear. I was trying to fix it when it came out and fell in my sleeve. I lowered my arm and it tumbled out, bounced under the stall wall and landed under the foot of the stall's user. I didn't have a lot of time to waste -- what if he lowered his foot -- so I said, "I dropped my hearing aid under your foot," reached into the Forbidden Zone and grabbed it.

I then put it on my wheelchair cushion. Unfortunately, that is also where my lanyard was. I hooked my lanyard with a finger as I pulled my hand away from the cushion, and my hearing aid went somewhere.

It wasn't under me. I didn't see it in the next stall and was not about to ask the same occupant. (I wouldn't have asked another occupant either.) I didn't think it was in the toilet. I decided it must have gotten in my clothes, but I didn't see it.

I got back in my chair, started backing up, and just as I asked St. Anthony to "please come around," it appeared from under my chair. I can't believe I didn't run it over.

Later, in the restroom, I was rinsing out my juice bottle, and I managed to stick the faucet handle inside the bottle. I was trying to decide if it was too germaphobic to worry about drinking out of, when I dropped the top on the floor. I gave up then.

But the fates weren't done with Matty. I decided to eat  a cheese stick. I had a bite, then dropped the rest. Fame got an unexpected treat.

That also ignores the two mysterious cuts on my hand I only noticed because of blood on my jeans, phone feedback and a bang on the head.

Next time, I am calling in sick.

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Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the time that I went to work on a Friday the day after I got back from a beach vacation. I was wearing a white shirt and my joystick got caught in my desk. My chair started spinning around like crazy and my head hit the desk after my chair luckily got wedged so it stopped moving in circles. Luckily somebody walked by and I was bleeding all over from a gash in the head. Of course there was a lot of hoopla and I had to go to the Fairfax emergency room but I opted for my sister to come get me. I needed 15 stitches in my head and I looked pretty gnarly with blood all over my white shirt and my hair all stuck together with dried blood. But I got quick service in the emergency room. Note to self, never go to work on a Friday when you get home from vacation on Thursday. Stupid me.

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