Friday, June 9, 2017

A little break

On Thursday I had my last appointment with my awesome physical therapist for a while.

I'll miss it, but now that it is warmer I am better able to exercise on my own  -- or with the PT student who works with me. I have a new chair, lift, exercises and good ideas on transfers. And I save some money and benefits for when I need them.

I'll survive. I do have carte blanche to email her. She'll  no doubt be bored. I mean I won't be around to ask silly questions or for her to make fun of ...

Speaking of which: A while back I was complaining of some shoulder pain most noticeable while drinking. I meant drinking anything. She says, We're not doing PT so you can go out drinking. I respond that apart from champagne, I can recall just  about all alcohol I have had. To which she answers, well, you might want to live a little, Matt.

I'll miss her.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE your PT.

Matt Trott said...


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