Saturday, June 3, 2017

Bad Leroy's bad daughter

I was for some reason thinking of Peaches today.

Not the fruit, one of my uncles dogs.

Actually,  I first thought of her brother Scooter. (Her father was Bad Leroy.)

Peaches was a bit of an acquired taste. She hated UPS trucks and minorities, although the only person I saw her nip at (sort of) was a Caucasian friend who thought he'd play "Let's Run Past Peaches." He lost.

She loved my uncle and my brother. I was a little frightened of her, but she never harassed me. And she always put up with my pats and didn't mind when I put her leash on before I fed her (so I didn't have to put my hand near her mouth when she was eating).

She was the first dog I got to know.

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