Monday, June 5, 2017

Flying poop

There is no use trying to figure out Fame's poop schedule. Usually, she'll poop in the morning and the evening. But every so often, she'll go at lunch, even on a day like today when I hardly walked her because it was drizzling.

I picked it up and headed to the trashcan with the poop bag in my left hand, my leash arm. On our way, Fame got a whiff of something in some tall grass and jerked over to get a better sniff. This cause the poop and leash to fall.

I called her three times, so she could get the leash for me, but she decided to go deaf. So I bent down, got the leash and poop, and called her agin. She saw I had the leash, so she half-turned but was too intent on whatever to really pay attention.

As we are trained, I gave her a leash correction, pulling the leash quickly and hard, then letting it loose while saying "Don't."

It worked. She came and  sat right next to me. Unfortunately, the poop flew out of my hand about 15 feet into some more tall grass. I had to text a friend to come get it.

And since then,  I have been unsuccessfully trying to stifle giggles at the idea of someone walking behind me during this and getting a face-full of bagged poop.


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i thought it was funny

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