Sunday, July 30, 2017

I hate sidewalks

I don't like sidewalks, but I have been using them recently to see whether my bias is legitimate. It totally is.

Here are just a few points:
  • Sidewalks are ill-kept. It is totally OK for sidewalks to have big cracks and bumps.
  • Their poor condition makes them quite uncomfortable for chairs. You ride just like the milkman -- whoopity whoopity whoopity. (I tried to find a link to explain this nursery rhyme, but apparently the milkman has been written out. sigh.)
  • It becomes dangerous, not just uncomfortable if a chair gets caught on a bump.
  • Curb cuts are kind of a joke. Many still require you to go up or down big bumps.
  • Driveways are equally laughable. Good ones are fine, but the sides to plenty are equivalent to big hills on roller coasters.
  • When I am walking the same way as the traffic, Fame is right next to thee street, so I have to have her switch sides, which is easy enough, but it puts me outside my comfort zone.
the end result: I am taking it to  the streets.

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