Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Fissure King

Most of the neurologists I have seen have pooh-poohed my digestive system problems, saying they are not caused by FA, I find this a little odd because my brother who has FA has similar issues and support groups on the Internet are full of others with digestive problems.

My digestive system issues are significantly aggravated by sitting all day, especially in a wheelchair, which are not the most comfortable of chairs.

That is part of the reason things are acting up on me lately. I have been at my parents' house for the better part of two weeks, first because of the snow, then because my sister and family were there.

This works out great for me for the most part. My dad takes out my dog in the mornings so I can sleep in. I have lots of people to help me. I have little kids to make me laugh. But I wind up sitting in my chair a lot, which leads to fissures, or tears in my skin near the old poop shoot.

It also raises problems because my schedule changes when I stay at my folks. A change in schedule means a change in when I eat, etc. I'm not good at that.

The neuros may not care because the issues are not caused by FA but it seems likely to me that they are an effect of FA, so somebody ought to be worried about it.

My personal physician does care; I like her.

P.S. I could have titled this "The impacted stool king" too, but that is not as catchy or clever. Plus, it's pretty gross.


Anonymous said...

Titling the posts is the best part of blogging. My personal favorites from when I maintained Jim's blog were "Glitch" and "Son of a Glitch" regarding his post-surgical complications.

Matt said...

Nice. I was most tickled with the title, the pooh-poohed comment and the proper use of poop shoot.

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