Thursday, March 15, 2007

Are you honkin' at me?

I have to walk in the streets for various reasons. Sometimes, even though it is 65, snow blocks the curb cuts because the pleasant people of my town don't own snow shovels. Other times, the town or businesses close the sidewalk for work or just for reasons unclear. Still other times, the sidewalk just ends -- no curb cut, no nothing. If my destination lies beyond the sidewalk end, it is the streets for me.

Tonight, though, I was just lazy.

I was tired of riding down sidewalks; every single crack rattles me. Going up and down curb cuts is jarring; and the sidewalk is narrow when I am with my dog.

So on the way back to my condo, I stayed in the street. I was in a right-turn only lane, and I was very visible. In fact, I was visible enough for a driver to honk his horn really loudly at me.

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