Saturday, March 10, 2007

Goin' back to Cali ... I don't think so

Sometimes I'd like to move to California, somewhere like San Diego, where the weather is always beautiful. I'd need good public transportation, too, to get to work, and maybe a condo in a town center thing so shopping is near at hand.

I have a cousin who lives in Los Angeles, but other than him and another cousin in Colorado, my family is all on the East Coast.

That is kind of the point.

I am tired of relying on my family members to do so much for me like driving, shopping, etc. I know they don't mind, but I do.

They all have spouses and children and just whatever goes on in their own lives. I wish I didn't require them to help me so.

I figure in California I will do without because I won't have family. This will be hard, but maybe I will be wheeling down Rodeo Drive one day, and some BH-Niner will fall in love with me, we'll shack up, and her butler or maid will do everything. She'll be smokin' hot, too.

I'll never do this, though. I am too selfish and I love my family too much. And it wouldn't actually be "goin' back to Cali." I have never been there.

On another note: I almost died today. It is in the mid-60s, and the culprit was snow.

The folks in my town are not the best at clearing snow. One of their tricks is to pile it all into curb-cuts, so the curb-cuts take forever to clear.

I made it down the one snowy curb-cut and made it to the comic book store. It was awesome although they were sold out of the Captain America dies issue.

On my return trip, however, I was going up the curb-cut slowly, but my right wheels fell of the sidewalk. I balanced there for a bit and then tried to go backward down the curb-cut. My anti-tip wheels got stuck in the pavement, though, so I could not move. Finally, the anti-tip wheels gave a little so I got down fine.

I wondered what the people in the cars watching thought. They were treated to quite a drama. I wonder if they knew.

A family of a deceased man who settled a negligent death lawsuit with Washington D.C. for a task force to resolve the negligence that led to the death. That was lovely to read about. I hope my family bankrupts my little town if I die.

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