Friday, March 23, 2007

Thanks, I guess

My dad got some good news about his prostate cancer today: It doesn't seem to have spread anywhere. I am so happy, but am I supposed to thank God?

I would not be supposed to blame him if the cancer had spread. (Notice I said "supposed to." I totally would.)

And I don't blame God even though I sit in a wheelchair. (Usually. I do blame him for related things, but not the disease itself. Usually.)

Maybe God is like Batman or any superhero. You thank him when he saves you from the Joker's clutches. But you aren't supposed to blame Batman when the Penguin robs you while he is out fighting the Riddler.

I am sure it is more complicated than that, but that idea works for me. For the moment.


Anonymous said...

I don't know about "supposed" to thank God. I do know that there is no feeling in the whole world like being told the CT scan is clear, as Jim and I were today. That feeling induces gratitude -- I can't help it. It swells up unbidden into a great yelp of thanks. It's the other thank yous that are harder to manage -- the ones I have to make happen, where I have to find out what I am grateful for, and notice it, instead of being handed a clear CT scan, all wrapped up in pink ribbon and streamers.
I love you,

Matt said...

But are we yelping our thanks to a God that has allowed evil and disease and stupid people to stalk his children?

Regardless, I will yelp with you.

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