Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Damn kids

Ever wonder how long it takes a kid to ignore, dismiss or forget a face-to-face appeal from a neighbor in a wheelchair? Less than three hours.

All summer, this kid, maybe 10 years old, has been parking his bike in the breezeway of my condo. You aren't supposed to do that; it is against the condo bylaws. But he is a kid, and I think he lives on the third floor so I cut him some slack.

It wasn't too hard to give him a break because he had a small bike that I could move if it was in my way. Not that it wasn't still annoying, but I could deal.

Last week he got a new bike, a big one, one that doesn't fit under the stairs and out of my path. And one I can't move.

I actually had to compose myself before I called Mom and Dad last night and asked them to bring a note out to my place the next day. The bike was parked almost across my doorway. I got past with about a foot on each side, but I almost lost it. That goddamn bike was another in a seemingly endless number of last straws.

When Dad and I got home tonight, I had the note and he went first. He wound up moving the bike so I could get in. I am sure I could have made it -- Dad always thinks my chair is bigger than it is -- but I decided to wait for the bike to be in a bad place before using the note.

I then went to get the mail and saw the kid and bike. I told him I was worried I would hit the bike and asked him to park it against the wall and out of the entry. He said sure.

That was about 5. When I came back out about 7:30, what did I see but the bike tire peeking around the wall in the entry way.


Anonymous said...

I know it doesn't make what happened go away, but remember all the kids you do touch and teach about caring and tolerance...The ones who don't even notice you are in a chair.



Anonymous said...

You need to tell him that you can't use your door when he leaves his bike there. He needs to know that it is not about his bike but about your right to go in and out of your apartment.
I love you.

Matt said...

Yes, it does feel better.and Dudette, that is what I told him. I am not a big enough fork to tell him he is breaking condo rules.

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