Saturday, August 25, 2007

I really wish I was making this up

I am staying at my folks again tonight even though they aren’t here. They are on some boat cruise party.

I had dinner at my sister’s and watched a movie. Then I came back to mom and dad’s with my nephew and the fun began.

I took my antidepressants but there were only two, not three, and readers will recall how that effed me up before.

I was taking my pills when my bladder was gripped by this sudden realization that it was FULL and had to empty NOW. But my nephew was in the bathroom on the lower floor. I tried to wait, but he was not in there for a quick one.

So my options: Go to the bathroom in my pants or outside. Not much of a choice. But where outside? It had to be facing away from my sister’s house and dark but not too dark and somewhat accessible.

I settled on the sidewalk to the dog pen. So I got down there, slid my wheelchair feet to the side, unzipped my pants and just about slid off my chair onto the ground because the shorts I was wearing are real slick.

After recovering, I did my business and came back in.

No one was any wiser, though Claren wondered what the hell was up.


Anonymous said...

Oh, come on, Matt. Who among us hasn't had to pee outside in an emergency?

Matt said...

All right, I have heard from others that this episode was no big deal, so leaving aside the fact that I am in a WHEELCHAIR, let me add that it was during a lightning storm.

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