Friday, April 18, 2008

Off-track fretting

The asphalt track around the pond at work has metal edges. They were probably guides when the asphalt was being laid. Now they are just metal border fences, separating the asphalt from the ground. In some places, the ground has worn away next to the walls, and is an inch or more below the wall's top in some places. One of these places is by the trashcan near the volleyball nets, the trashcan I used today to throw away Claren's poop.

Two of my wheels popped over the wall. I didn't worry about it, but I figured I'd just pop back on. But my main wheel just spun deeper into the ground and my little front cater wheel would not roll at all.

I tried to back up, and that worked a bit, but I was a little hesitant to wheel backward because that headed down a slope into the pond.

I decided that I would just wait -- it was a nice day. Surely someone would walk by.


I got on to the ground myself, hoping I might be able to push my chair back on the track.


Stupidly, I did not grab my cellphone out of my wheelchair bag before I got on the ground, so I had to stretch to get it.

Success, finally.

I called David, my co-worker, who came out and got my chair on track, then got me in my chair.

It does not sound awful in the retelling. Even when it was happening, at no point was I at all concerned about my safety, or Claren's, or my chair's. And it was beautiful out. I sat there and pet Claren while I waited. A Pollyanna might say I was lucky to be outdoors on such a gorgeous day.

Pollyanna didn't know much.

I got so amped up, that I was a zombie when I got back to my desk. I got home and fell right asleep for more than 2 hours.

Sitting on the ground, stuck. That's no way to live. I know I have no choice, but still.

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