Monday, August 4, 2008

Do I move to Nevada?

I have perhaps an unhealthy interest in Nevada's ladies of the evening.

But come on, prostitution's legal there. A crime in 49 states is just business in Nevada. How crazy odd is that?

One of the victims of this obsession is my friend who lives in Reno.

I IM'd her once to ask if "hookers" is proper terminology for a legal profession. "You can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig" was her reply. And when I saw a story about high gasoline prices hitting Nevada brothels, I naturally had to express my concern for her state.

I am sure it is all old hat for her, but to this naive little East Coaster it is just lunacy even though I know it is not like there is a brothel inside the local McDonald's. It's still like that Seinfeld where George does the opposite of everything and gets a job with the Yankees.

My friend got back at me, though.

She told a mutual friend who was visiting Reno recently to tell me that he had not seen a prostitute in his tour of the city. He did tell me ... along with a handful of other people on an e-mail list.

He did, however, get asked by the cab driver on the way from Reno's airport if he liked to party and wanted to go to the Wild Horse, "one of Nevada's classiest adult entertainments resorts."

How crazy is that?


Danger Kitten said...

Ok, lovebug ... to answer your hed, yes, you move to Nevada. You need to come here and see for yourself that even tho we have prostitutes here, legally, they're outside the city limits, and they're managed more than a troop of Catholic priests on an outing with a troop of Boy Scouts.

But there's an even better reason to live here ... ME!

Matt said...

I'll make you a deal: If I move to Nevada, I promise that it won't be for the prostitutes. Wait a minute, that should be a state slogan. Nevada: Come for the prostitutes, stay for ... you? I admit that does not put you in good company, though.

Maybe I should visit first.

Anonymous said...

Come for the prostitutes; stay for the Esmerelda County Job Openings


Matt said...

There are none, dope. Plus, who wants to be near Yucca Mountain. I have Vegas in my blood, I am sure. Just, no one knows it.

Anonymous said...

I knew that there were no job opportunities, but I liked the name Esmerelda County == plus the link for Pahrump Employment was broken.

Matt said...

It's no Ubangie.

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