Monday, August 18, 2008

I could be cool

With my nephew on his way to college tomorrow, I wonder how my own life might have turned out if I had answered one question differently.

My first night, I was in the bathroom, and one of my party-hearty neighbors asked me what i was doing. I did not know at the time he was a party-hearty guy, just that he was a neighbor asking me about my plans.

I told him I was just going to go to bed after a long day. He said he understood and we went our separate ways: Me to a college career where it took me almost two years before I started enjoying myself, him to drunken parties, fraternities and girls.

I have always wondered: What if I asked him if I could go out with him.


Anonymous said...


Even if you don't think so i think that you cool and i am not lying because even i am too nice to lie to someone sitting right next to me. As lizzie mcguire would say you rock don't change!!!!!!!

love you
Princess Aurora

Matt said...

Enjoy the shirt.

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