Sunday, August 31, 2008

I'm itchy and I don't know where to scratch

I have no doubt the above title, taken from a blues song on a tape one of my uncles gave me, has a very high sexual connotation. But this is Matt we're talking about. Get real.

Surprisingly, I am not referring to the many bites from the f---king mosquito horde that lives around here. I cannot remember getting bit in such odd places before, fingers, thumbs and other places with essentially no blood.

But no, that wasn't it ... unless the damn mosquitoes have figured out a way into my body. My heart or brain have felt all itchy since Friday. I haven't felt like sitting still and writing (It is taking a lot to write this. I have already gone online to find the song, then download a few from iTunes and listen to them.) I haven't really wanted to watch TV either. I want to do something, go somewhere, be with someone or a group.

This is the challenge: figure out how to invite people to do something when I do not have a home really that people could come to and when I do not like to go out because it is so freaking hard to go out. And I am having to fight against my FA and almost 40 years of shyness. Plus, maybe internal mosquitoes.


Anonymous said...

You know your always welcome at the Berkeley and Tiger Woods awaits. There's Halo 3 if you ever wanted to try so we can team up on Brendan next time he's in town. That was a joke. Brendan could kill us both with one hand (maybe two) tied behind his back and wearing a blindfold!

Matt said...

Thanks. I think it is holidays that are hard for some reason. It is also the end of summer and that makes me sad for what I could not do in summer and won't be able to do in summer. And it also occurred to me that most people my/our age aren't really going out all that much anyway. They have a wife or kids. But I have to be outgoing and going-out because I don't. I am footloose and fancy-free, goddammit.

And no Halo for me. Maybe Tiger. I need to add a fan to my PC so I don't overheat my graphics card when playing games.

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