Saturday, August 2, 2008

Into the danger zone

My little sister pushed me far outside the comfort zone yesterday, but it worked out well and was fun even if I missed the Dr. Who season finale and had to stay up till 12:30 to watch the rerun.

It was sad, too, leaving me teary at the end as all the Doctor's friends went off with others and he was left alone but soldiers on.

The evening started with what was just a little get-together at my sister's (yes, right next-door to my parents), two other couples with their kids. Nothing big, my sister had told me, we'll just order pizza.

And we did, but then one of the couples had to leave to put their kids to bed. They live like three houses away so everyone else was like: Oh, we'll just bring the pizza to your house.

I said OK, I'd go but even as I said it I was getting scared and worried. I am using my power chair a lot nowadays so I was thinking: What if the backyard is inaccessible, what if I get bored, what if I have to go to the bathroom, will I get to see Dr. Who?

No one seemed to worry, so we went. The backyard was no problem, but people were up on a deck that was up six stairs. My sister offered to run home and get my manual chair so the guys there could lift me on to the deck. I did not want to, thinking I might want to leave to see Dr. Who.

That seemed OK. People sat on coolers or the steps or broke out lawn chairs and we sat in the yard. People brought me pizza, Claren water, and just made me feel comfortable.

I did not even go home early to watch Dr. Who even though it would have been easier to hear the Doctor and his gang; they have close captioning.

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