Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Amongst my sorrows …

I was reading a chat by a USA TODAY personal finance reporter and she said she is "hearing lots of stories about ordinarily unemotional people bursting into tears" on Monday.

I admit the financial mess makes me feel the same way. I am not sure why. Maybe because greed is its root cause, and those greedy people aren't going to be hurt as much as normal people. They already got their billions, and it is now stashed in some comfy tax haven like Luxembourg.

It also might be because the future, which has never been exceeding bright for me, began looking dimmer when I glanced at my 401(k) and saw it was down 30% this year. Mom and Dad won't always be around to take care of me. My siblings will say they will but they'll be old, too. It seems unfair to rely on nephews and nieces to care for me – they'll have their parents. In fact, it took much cajoling and explaining just to get my 3-year-old nephew to agree to take care of me. He was more interested in flashing people.

It also might be because this nasty patch may be why my buyer backed out of the contract for my condo. Of course, I may never know because it seems like the other agent is too busy to pick up the dang phone and call mine.

Then there is the pain in my back, which is probably from sitting in my wheelchair at my desk working so hard. It went away over the weekend so I am fairly certain it is the wheelchair computing. It still hurts, though.

Work is painful in more ways than one, too. We have taken a few hits to our morale.

Finally, the worst thing about work is a friend is leaving. She is one of three work friends in my entire career that I have told about a fall. Granted, all three are from the past five years so one could argue that I will find others. I don't know. She was really my only nearby friend, someone who helps me and Claren with water when my boss isn't there.

As I was writing this, I was thinking of the Spanish Inquisition, really, and how Michael Palin's character kept coming up with more weapons. That is how it was when I was thinking why I felt bad.


Anonymous said...

In all fairness to my little man...he said he couldn't take care of Uncle Matt b/c he was too big. When we explained that he would be big as well he said he would take care of him. I don't plan on going anywhere my dear brother.

Anonymous said...

we got a check today from insurance for the car accident in March. i'm thinking of cashing it and putting it under my mattress. none of us is planning on going anywhere, dope, uh, dear brother. if you recall, taking care of each other is what we do.

Matt said...

A: I assume you all will be old, too. b; you ignored your little man's penchant for nude hijinks.
and C. don't put your money in a mattress.

But thanks.

Anonymous said...

I am part vampire.


Anonymous said...

There are way more than enough nieces and nephews to go around. I am sure one or another of them will be available. I must concur on the mattress thing though. Just spend the money.

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