Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What if he gets a dog?

I was in the bathroom at work washing my hands when the automatic door started opening.

This is not that unusual because lots of people use it, not just me. But then no one came right in like normal. Finally, when it opened all the way, in rolled a co-worker.

Yes, that's right, rolled.

Another wheelchair user at work. I immediately no longer felt unique.

He works in another section so I am not too worried about being mistaken. Also, he looks like an aging member of the Lincoln Avenue crowd. For the legions of readers who aren't related to me, that means like an aging biker. (A brief aside: Mom and I were discussing whether biker was a good description. I said I didn't think many had bikes, and Mom quickly responded: Oh, they had bikes.)

Finally, I think he only has one leg. I say think because I did not want to stare ... Strike that, I very much wanted to stare but knew it would be freaking rude. Plus, then he might have said: "Take a picture; it lasts longer." And if I am involved in a conversation where that phrase is used, I want to be the one who says it.

I can no longer say on the phone to co-workers I haven't met: "I am the guy in the wheelchair."

I do not expect to find a wife/sweetie/whatever, a true love, so work may have been my only chance to be a one and only. Now, it is ruined.


Anonymous said...

2 things...I was going to comment that to my kids you are the one and only wheelchair guy. You are the one all those parking signs are about, Joed saw the illustration on your blog and said, "hey you went to Uncle Matt's site." How did he know I asked? "I saw the picture of Uncle Matt."

but then I saw the tags for this post and they went something like "girlfriend, bathroom, and something else..." hmmmm what a combination.


Matt said...

Fine, I took out girls. That could be misconstrued. So if Joed comes to my work, will his brain explode?

Anonymous said...

quite possibly, but only if we run into the other could be like bizarro world in the super friends

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of the time I was in the grocery store with SPG when he was much younger. There was a Lincoln Ave type wheelchair user wearing a cowboy hat. SPG pointed at the guy and said, "Look, Mom, a cowboy!"
(Unlike the time I was in the store with CSG and she saw a really enormous person. She opened her mouth, pointed, and I clapped my hand over her mouth and dragged her backwards around the corner into another aisle)
Also, I'm glad Joed can recognize Matt from the picture.

Matt said...

I thought they were both CSG and my life is always Bizzaro World; don't you read this?

Anonymous said...

this is why i miss being with you all

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