Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I was looking for sinks, I swear

I don't think it will come as a surprise to anyone when I say that I am not the most experienced fellow in the world. But google's image search just showed me how naive I am and perhaps opened unexplored but icky avenues for me.

I was looking for photos of wheelchair-accessible sinks. In fact, I was going to write all about my search. I found a few ones I like, especially this one.

Then, keeping in mind that I was searching for wheelchair-accessible sinks, I came across a picture of two scantily clad ladies engaged in some behavior that their mothers probably would not approve of.

I was intrigued -- they didn't look like plumbers to me -- so I clicked on the photo and was transported to a hyper-disturbing world, where one can see, for a price, photos of many things that mothers do not approve of. One category of such things is for people with a wheelchair fetish.

I just read a blog post from a woman in a chair about this and learned that people fake being in a chair or dream about being in a chair to float their boats or others' boats.


If Dad hadn't just taken a shower and depleted the hot water, I think I'd take a shower. Oh God, now these freaks are probably turned on by that image. Ick, ick, ick.

It isn't that women in chairs are objects of attraction -- I know plenty of hotties in chairs. But speaking as a guy in a chair, I would like nothing better than to take a sledgehammer to my chair, except than I could not get anywhere. It doesn't seem that you could build much of a relationship when the thing one person likes is merely a tool the other person uses because they must. Plus, it's just a piece of metal.

I also learned from my one-hour crash course in wheelchair fetishes that it is mostly men liking women in chairs. I feel a little safer, just a little disappointed


Anonymous said...

ok...I don't know what kids of search you were doing, but all the searches I have done for roll under sinks and accessible vanities have been for just those things...not porn! did you bookmark the sites?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should have asked a librarian to help with your searches.


Matt said...

OK, turn off google's censor, search "wheelchair-accessible sink." Page 12 smack dab in the middle. Smack works well in this case, too.
And yes, I should have used a librarian. No doubt you would have added the operator "NOT fetish" to my sink search.

Matt said...

And if you knew enough to add that operator, gross.

Anonymous said...

jim had an unfortunate experience last week while typing in the web address for Dicks Sporting Goods. Also, never forget to include the word "Lyrics" when searching for the lyrics to the song Big Strong Man.
This fetish thing reminds me of an article I read in the Atlantic i think about people who think they are supposed to be amputees, so they have limbs taken off.

Matt said...

People are stupid.

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